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Wang, C., L. Wu, H. Zhao, Q. Liu, and J. Wang, 2021: An abrupt slowdown of late season tropical cyclone over the western North Pacific in the early 1980s. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 99,
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Plain Language Summary: Tropical cyclones (TCs) induced disasters are largely controlled by their translation speed, which was previously supposed to be linked to their surrounding steering flows. Here we find that, for the western North Pacific, variations in translation speed are not consistent with that of individual TCs controlled by steering flow. In contrast, changes in the subtropical TC track ratio play a foremost role due to the much higher translation speed of TCs influencing the subtropical region than that of TCs traveling across the tropical region. Thus, changes in TC translation speed should be examined in regions where the magnitude of translation speed is generally uniform distributed. The result highlights the important role of TC track in the global/regional change of TC translation speed and is important to understand the current change in TC translation speed.