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Shibuya, R., M. Nakano, C. Kodama, T. Nasuno, K. Kikuchi, M. Satoh, H. Miura, and T. Miyakawa, 2021: Prediction skill of the boreal summer intra-seasonal oscillation in global non-hydrostatic atmospheric model simulations with explicit cloud microphysics. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 99, 973-992.
Special Edition on DYAMOND: The DYnamics of the Atmospheric general circulation Modeled On Non-hydrostatic Domains
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Plain Language Summary: This study assessed a prediction skill of the Boreal Summer Intra-Seasonal Oscillation (BSISO) mode using one-month simulations by a global non-hydrostatic atmospheric model. It was found that the model showed an BSISO prediction skill of approximately 24 days, while the prediction skill tended to be higher (~2 days) when the BSISO events began in the initial phases where a major convective center was located over the Philippine Sea.