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Kumar, P., R. M. Gairola, T. Kubota, and C. M. Kishtawal, 2021: Hybrid assimilation of satellite rainfall product with high density gauge network to improve daily estimation: a case of Karnataka, India. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 99, 741-763.
Special Edition on Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM): 5th Anniversary,
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Plain Language Summary: After initial verification of GSMaP rainfall product against dense rain gauge network over a southwestern state of India, a hybrid assimilation method is developed in this study to prepare merge rainfall product. The hybrid assimilation method, a combination of variational method and Kalman filter, demonstrated importance of advance data assimilation over objective analysis and optimal interpolation methods, widely used for generating merge rainfall product. Moreover, study suggested that both assimilation technique and density of rain gauges are crucial for preparing final rainfall product.