Graphical Abstract

Jain, S., R. Chhin, R. M. Doherty, S. K. Mishra, and S. Yoden, 2021: A new graphical method to diagnose the impacts of model changes on climate sensitivity. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 99, 437-448. Graphical Abstract Published


Plain Language Summary: Equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS) is defined as the change in global-mean surface air temperature (ΔT) due to the quadrupling of CO2 in a climate model simulation (Fig.1a). In this paper, we propose a new graphical method, which is based on Gregory’s linear regressions (Fig.1b), to visualize the impact of a model change on ECS, climate forcing (RF), and feedbacks (Rα) in a single diagram (Fig.1c), and demonstrate its usefulness with an example of climate sensitivity simulations with interactive (ACTIVE) and prescribed (FIXED) chemistry model.