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Liao, L., R. Meneghini, A. Tokay, and H. Kim, 2020: Assessment of Ku- and Ka-band Dual-frequency radar for snow retrieval. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 98, 1129–1146. Special Edition on Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM): 5th Anniversary,
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Plain Language Summary: Dual-frequency radars have been increasingly used for detecting and retrieving frozen precipitation. However, retrieval of snow parameters has two principal errors, namely, the differences between the assumed particle size distribution (PSD) model from the actual PSD and inadequacies in characterizing the single-scattering properties of snowflakes. This study is aimed at evaluating uncertainties of snow precipitation estimation associated with the PSD models and scattering models and understanding their respective contributions to overall uncertainties for gaining insight into how to improve the retrieval methods for the GPM DPR operating at the Ku- and Ka-bands.