Graphical Abstract

Kato, T., 2020: Quasi-stationary band-shaped precipitation systems, named “senjo-kousuitai”, causing localized heavy rainfall in Japan. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 98, 485-509. Abstract with highlights

Plain Language Summary: Localized heavy rainfall events with 3-houly accumulated precipitation amounts larger than 200 mm are often observed in Japan. Such events are majorly brought from quasi-stationary band-shaped precipitation systems, named as “senjo-kousuitai” in Japanese. Senjo-kousuitai is defined as a band-shaped heavy rainfall area with the length of 50-300 km and the width of 20-50 km, produced by successively formed and developed convective cells, lining up to organize multi-cell clusters, and passing or stagnating at almost the same place for a few hours.