Graphical Abstract

Aono, K., T. Iwasaki, and T. Sasai, 2020: Effects of wind-evaporation feedback in outer regions on tropical cyclone development. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 98, 319-328. Abstract with highlights

Plain Language Summary: Tropical cyclone (TC) intensification is widely understood according to the wind-evaporation feedback. In the conventional framework, many authors have discussed the increase of sea surface evaporation as the surface wind increases near the eyewall. On the other hand, we discuss the surface evaporation decrease as the wind speed decreases in the outer region. Idealized numerical experiments showed that the increased surface evaporation in the outer region significantly weakens the TC and reduces its size. The radial contrast is suggested to have more importance for the TC organization than the water vapor mixing ratio itself. This is a very different interpretation of the wind-evaporation feedback on TC development from the conventional idea.