Graphical Abstract

Lin, Y.-F., C.-C. Wu, T.-H. Yen, Y.-H. Huang, and G.-Y. Lien, 2020: Typhoon Fanapi (2010) and its interaction with Taiwan terrain - Evaluation of the uncertainty in track, intensity and rainfall simulations. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 98, 93-113. Abstract with highlights

Plain Language Summary: Taiwan topography is considered a critical factor affecting the track, intensity, and rainfall for the landfalling tropical cyclone (TC), but the uncertainty of its impact in the simulations has not been thoroughly explored in the literature. Using an ensemble Kalman filter–based vortex initialization method, this paper evaluates the impact of Central Mountain Range (CMR) on the uncertainty in forecasting track, intensity, and rainfall of Typhoon Fanapi (2010) and explores the sources of the uncertainty in the simulation.