Graphical Abstract

Nishi, A., and H. Kusaka, 2019: Effect of mountain convexity on the locally strong "Karakkaze" wind. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 97, 787-803. Abstract with highlights

Plain Language Summary: This study numerically examined how the local wind “Karakkaze” in the Kanto Plain of Japan was affected by a convex feature (a semi-basin around Maebashi) in the mountain range by using idealized numerical simulations. The results revealed that a strong-wind region appeared within and leeward of the semi-basin. In contrast, weak-wind areas appeared adjacent to the strong-wind region. These results were consistent with the basic features of the observed surface wind pattern of the Karakkaze. This study also showed the atmosphere and terrain conditions which produced the local strong winds in the leeward of the semi-basin from sensitivity experiment.