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JMSJ, 2015, Vol. 93, No. 2 (April)


Murazaki et al. (2015)

Murazaki, K., H. Tsujino, T. Motoi, and K. Kurihara, 2015: Influence of the Kuroshio large meander on the climate around Japan based on a regional climate model. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 93, 161-179. Abstract


Noda et al. (2015)

Noda, A. T., M. Satoh, Y. Yamada, C. Kodama, T. Miyakawa, and T. Seiki, 2015: Cold and warm rain simulated using a nonhydrostatic model without cumulus parameterization, and their responses to global warming. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 93, 181-197. Abstract


Enomoto et al. (2015)

Enomoto, T., S. Yamane, W. Ohfuchi, 2015: Simple sensitivity analysis using ensemble forecasts. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 93, 199-213. Abstract


Shusse et al. (2015)

Shusse, Y., M. Maki, S. Shimizu, K. Iwanami, T. Maesaka, S. Suzuki, N. Sakurai, R. Misumi, 2015: Relationship between precipitation core behavior in cumulonimbus clouds and surface rainfall intensity on 18 August 2011 in the Kanto region, Japan. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 93, 215-228. Abstract


Matsumura et al. (2015)

Matsumura, S., K. Yamazaki, and T. Sato, 2015: Role of Siberian land-atmosphere coupling in the development of the August Okhotsk High in 2008. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 93, 229-244. Abstract


Takahashi et al. (2015)

Takahashi, T., T. Kawano, and M. Ishihara, 2015: Different precipitation mechanisms produce heavy rain with and without lightning in Japan. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 93, 245-263. Abstract


Jin et al. (2015)

Jin, D., Z. Guan, J.Cai, and W. Tang, 2015: Interannual variations of regional summer precipitation in Mainland China and their possible relationships with different teleconnections in the past five decades. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 93, 265-283. Abstract


Nakayama et al. (2015)

Nakayama, T., H. Suzuki, S. Kagamitani, Y. Ikeda, A. Uchiyama, and Y. Matsumi, 2015: Characterization of a three wavelength photoacoustic soot spectrometer (PASS-3) and a photoacoustic extinctiometer (PAX). J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 93, 285-308. Abstract


Kashimura et al. (2015)

Kashimura, H., and S. Yoden, 2015: Regime diagrams of solutions in an idealized quasi-axisymmetric model for superrotation of planetary atmospheres. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 93, 309-326. Abstract