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Takemura, K., and H. Mukougawa, 2020: Maintenance mechanism of Rossby wave breaking and Pacific-Japan pattern in boreal summer. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 98, 1183–1206.
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Plain Language Summary: A maintenance mechanism for Rossby wave breaking (RWB) east of Japan and Pacific-Japan (PJ) pattern in boreal summer, which are triggered due to Rossby wave propagation along the Asian jet, is diagnosed by lag composite, correlation, and forward trajectory analyses, using a reanalysis dataset. A comparison between the composites of 7 persistent and 7 non-persistent cases, which are classified from the past 44 RWB cases, indicates that the persistent case shows the stronger and longer-lived Rossby wave propagation along the Asian jet. The subsequent stronger RWB in the persistent case causes the consequential formation of the more enhanced PJ pattern, through the stronger high potential vorticity intrusion toward the subtropical western North Pacific (WNP). The other main findings are summarized as follows.