Graphical Abstract

Kuo, K.-T., and C.-M. Wu, 2019: The precipitation hotspots of afternoon thunderstorms over the Taipei Basin: Idealized numerical simulations. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 97, 501-517. Abstract with highlights

Plain Language Summary: During summertime in Taipei, the afternoon thunderstorms usually occur at the south of Taipei basin, a signal of precipitation hotspot. The idealized simulations show that the local circulation is a key for the hotspots. The two valleys guide background southwesterly flow along with the sea breezes to penetrate the basin. The urban heat island effect enhances the sea breeze convergence at the south of the basin and produces strong convection there. Besides, the background wind direction is essential in determining the location of sea breeze convergence. If the background wind direction changes from westerly to west-northwesterly, there might be no precipitation at all in the basin.