Graphical Abstract

Oda, M., and H. Kanehisa, 2019: A simple model of the resonant interaction between vortex Rossby and gravity waves. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 97, 123-139. Abstract with highlights

Plain Language Summary: We show a simple conceptual model of the resonant interaction in a typhoon-like vortex between vortex Rossby waves (VRWs) and gravity waves (GWs), which are caused by the VRWs. The proposed conceptual model is based onthe buoyancy-vorticity formulation (BV-thinking), and is different from that for the barotropic and baroclinic instabilities based on PV interactions (PV-thinking).
We consider disturbances of the first baroclinic mode on a basic barotropic vortex. The disturbance vertical vorticity ζ of the VRW in the central region has a large amplitude on the upper and lower levels. The disturbance buoyancy b and radial vorticity η of the GW in the outer region have a large amplitude on the middle level.